Kong Tuulmaw Tawntung Hi

Key – Ab     3/4

Kong tuulmaw tawntung hi,
Dikbel Topa; Na awneam bang omngawl,
Thinnop theina.

Nang kong tuulmaw tawntung hi,
Kong tuulmaw tawntung hi;
Thupha hong pia’n Topa awng,
Nang kongzuan hi.

Kong tuulmaw tawntung hi,
Hong ompui in; Ze et na’n hong zo ngawl,
Nong nai ciangin.

Kong tuulmaw tawntung hi,
Nopzong, daazong; Nuntakna’n mannei ngawl,
Nang hong taan leng.

Kong tuulmaw tawntung hi,
Thu hong hil in; Nong khapsa aphate,
Hong saang sak in.

Kong tuulmaw tawntung hi,
Thiangbel Pa awng; Nang aa, hong hisak in,
Tapa pha awng.


I Need Thee Every Hour
Ps. 86:1 : Heb. 4:16
Sizang Labu – 309


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